Scheduling Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Scheduling Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Remember this is Non Emergency Medical Transport. If you have any emergent condition please call 911
for your medical transportation needs.

Scheduling your non emergency medical transportation is very easy. You will have to provide your medical and physical condition only once when you contact us for your first travel with us. Next time you only have to provide us with any changes in your medical
or physical condition.

We are here to help you find the non emergency medical transportation from duly state certified, compliant and committed
chauffeurs associated with us. Our associated companies carry the state certified licenses and required insurances for your
safe non emergency medical transportation.

When attempting to schedule transportation it is very important to provide as much notice as possible. Due to nature of
non emergency medical transportation business, it is sometimes difficult to provide transportation on short notice.
All our transportations are private pay (paid by you or your loved ones at the time of booking) and for that reason we do
not need your social security number or medical insurance details. Please check with your insurance company and submit the
claim for reimbursement as per their guidance, if it is covered in your medical insurance plan.

We need two separate sets of information to schedule transportation by phone as detailed below:


A)  Basic Patient Information
1. Patient’s Name


2. Patient’s Complete Address



3. Patient’s Home/Cell Phone Number


4. Patient’s Date of Birth


5. Patient’s Height and Weight


6. Patient’s Medical History


7. Any Special Needs?
(steps at residence, needs wheelchair, kind of wheelchair etc.)



8. Your Name & Cell Phone Number
(If you are not the patient)





B)  Travel Information
1. Patient’s Pickup Location Name
(Residence or other Location)



2. Patient’s Pickup Address and Phone Number
(Must have the name of the practice or building, doctors name, full address and phone number)




3. Reason for the Appointment
(As much detail as possible)



4. Required Pickup Time
(We will coordinate a pick-up time. The time provided will be an approximate time for the pickup and may vary slightly on
the day of the appointment